Welcome to the Super Smash Bros.(N64) Speedruns WikiEdit

This page will outline strategies to complete the single player mode of Super Smash Bros.(N64) as fast as possible for each of the 12 characters. It will be organized by stage with furthur classification by difficulty.

Super Smash Bros SpeedrunningEdit

As a game to speedrun SSB is dissimilar to the most popular games to speedrun in that it lacks any major skips or glitches but also shares some things in common. Two examples of this is the heavy emphasis on refined movement patterns and manipulation of the NPCs. I think one of the best things about speedrunning Super Smash Bros. is that you can save a run through what would be bad random luck by reacting really well. I would like this wiki to be a valuable source of knowledge for people who are interested in learning how to speed run Super Smash Brothers. I am currently working on changing the organization of the wiki to make info more easily accessible, there will now be a page for each Stage with a list of strategies with all characters on different difficulties. Hopefully this also makes it easier for others to contribute to this project as well, I have let it fall by the wayside but would like to give it another shot.


Link Stage

Yoshi Team Stage

Fox Stage

Break The Targets

Mario Brothers Stage

Pikachu Stage

Giant Donkey Kong Stage

Board The Platforms

Kirby Team Stage

Samus Stage

Metal Mario Stage

Race To The Finish

Fighting Polygon Team Stage

Master Hand Stage